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The functional multi-ingredient revolution

Nowadays we have a huge number of científic evidence that show how some bioactive components of food administered individually (as polyphenols and conjugated fatty acids), can have important benefits to our health. However, none of these components on its own has been able to revert simultaneously the different metabolic alterations that are generated in an obesity situation.

You can check the scientific papers that you have next to learn more details of the beneficial effects of this new multi-ingredient that we have developed:

A multifunctional ingredient for the management of metabolic syndrome in cafeteria diet-fed rats (Food&Function 2021)

A novel dietary multifunctional ingredient reduces body weight and improves leptin sensitivity in cafeteria diet-fed rats (Journal of Functional Foods 2020)

A mix of natural bioactive compounds reduces fat accumulation and modulates gene expression in the adipose tissue of obese rats fed a cafeteria diet (Nutrients 2020)


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