Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Dra. Paqui Bravo talked about bioactive peptides in SEBBM Congress

Dra. Paqui Bravo attended XLI SEBBM Congress in Santander. It is done each month of September and involves a thousand attendees. In addition, it also consists of a divulgation program called Biochemistry in the city, an initiation course to research for degree students and a forum for entrepreneurs. Dra. Paqui Bravo participated with the presentation "Bioactive peptides with antihypertensive properties" at the meeting of scientific groups of Biochemistry of nutrition.

Moreover, Dr. Miquel Mulero as the Biotechnology degree representative (Oenology Faculty, URV) and Dra. Anna Arola as the Nutrition and Metabolism master representative (Chemistry Faculty, URV) attended the coordinators meeting of degrees and postgraduate degrees in Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Biomedicine.


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